Layers of digital processes: which ones are visible, which aren't?
When button is clicked in interface, what does the process of the command look like?
Digital computing:
Interface interaction --> 
command line --> software -->
command to hardware --> signals
Input tools: user
Box: invisible
Output: user
Layers of computing like layers of earth and atmosphere --> process as invisble force of nature.
Microscoping into computing.
Interfaces of software blocking the processes that make function output. Software defines digital computing, but is only expressed in tools and buttons.
Tools, buttons and commands of interface as matter, almost 'physical' items.
Process of software command to hardware as invisible or non-accessible structure. Maybe as organic structure. Forces of electrons.
When does the interface layer become more opaque? Does it ever show what is behind?
Measurable by heath?
Tempurature map to show process.
Sample testing. Take sample of expression of software process.
Layers expressed from figurative (interface) to more abstract, into most abstract of all: signal-layer: expressed as sentient: an organism.
Define measurement tools